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Welcome to Three Shires Veterinary Physiotherapy


For healthy, happy equine and canine four-legged friends 

Fully qualified, professional equine and canine physiotherapy services for Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and North / East Gloucestershire. Whether your beloved animal is recovering from an injury, suffering from limited mobility or simply needs help managing the symptoms of old age, Three Shires Veterinary Physiotherapy offers a range of treatments and packages to help. 


Physiotherapy restores movement, function and performance following an injury, illness or disability, and can be used to help maintain proper mobility. Veterinary physiotherapists treat animals using scientific and evidence-based techniques to help reduce pain and inflammation and ensure full joint range of motion and muscle health. 


Three Shires Veterinary Physiotherapy’s fully qualified and experienced therapist will visit your yard or home to carry out assessments and treatments, using the most up-to-date techniques and equipment to help your horse or dog feel its best.

About Three Shires Veterinary Physiotherapy

Three Shires Veterinary Physiotherapy was founded by Olivia Sinclair in 2020  to offer horse and dog owners services to help restore, maintain and improve their animal’s mobility and comfort. Olivia has a four-year BSc (Hons) in Veterinary Physiotherapy from Harper Adams University, which included hands on placements at leading centres of excellence in equine and canine therapy and is a member of both the National Association of Veterinary Physiotherapists (NAVP) and the Animal Health Practitioners Register (AHPR). She’s also been a passionate horse rider from the first time she sat in the saddle as a toddler and adores dogs of all shapes and sizes. Olivia lives with her family in the beautiful Warwickshire countryside, enjoys riding and competing whenever she can, and has a helpful assistant in the form of basset hound, Landlord.


Equine Physiotherapy

All horses and ponies can benefit from regular physiotherapy sessions, from retired veterans, children’s ponies and happy hackers to sports and racehorses competing at the highest level. Physiotherapy sessions can be geared towards aiding healing from injury and illness, supporting recovery after competition and intense work or maintaining and improving mobility and joint range of motion.


Canine Physiotherapy

Our dogs try their best to please us, day in, day out, so we want to make sure they are comfortable and happy. A canine physiotherapy session will assess their movement and balance leading to a targeted treatment plan being set in place and exercises given to be continued at home. Canine physio is suitable for all dogs, from family pets to working dogs, and all breeds and ages of dog.

At Three Shires Vet Physio our mantra is ‘prevention is better than cure’, so don’t wait until your horse or dog is displaying the signs of pain! Why not book in for an assessment and see how we can help your animal live a comfortable life, every single day.

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